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January 21st, 2015

The only good thing about it is that it is so over the top bat-shit insane that it gets fun again.

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THE EQUALIZER - Sherlock meets super soldier who saves the world from Russian crime.
Yet another revenge flick with an older man.

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Heute zum zweiten Mal Vietnamese imperial BBQ. Gestern war schon so lecker.

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@PThlig The U, The Two Escobars, Marion Jones, The Best that Never Was, You Don’t Know Bo, Survive, Marino, 9.81*

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Watched most of the two seasons of ESPN 30 FOR 30.
Everyone who likes good storytelling and is vaguely interested in sports needs to see it.

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ESPN 30 FOR 30 - SURVIVE AND ADVANCE - The best Cinderella-stories are written by life. What a great documentary.

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@LenaLeuchtturm @Schinhammer Achso. Vom ersten weiß ich nur noch, dass er fürchterlich war.

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