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January 20th, 2015

@LenaLeuchtturm war minimal besser als der erste, aber überspringbar. Ziemlich langweilig.

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GIRLS got very meta this week.

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It just took me a full week to recognize that character from GIRLS as Nicky from OITNB.
Thought it was Claire Fisher.

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So go read the book, skip the movie. It is worth it.

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But Hornby did a good job adapting the book to the big screen and condensing it. 2h are just not enough time to tell such a story.

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I can’t see how one could get much out of the movie. The book is really great though.

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WILD - Classic book-adaptation where you need to read the book to fill in the blanks. Characters stay flat. Witherspoon is terribly miscast.

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@Dalaimoc ja. Fand ich auch. Vor allem das in-Place ersetzen und Typo und Farbe anpassen.

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Kennt ihr eigentlich schon den Kameramodus in Google Translate?

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