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Ausflug Ins Web Vom 23.03.2014


Can We Learn About Privacy From Porn Stars? – NYTimes.com

Yes, there’s a paradox here in that I willingly engage in work that reduces me to a few sexual facets of myself but expect to be seen as a multifaceted person outside of that work. I participate in an illusion of easy physical access, and sometimes the products associated with that illusion.

Stoya tut was sie auch gut kann. Sie schreibt.

Joy the Baker – Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

The Napoleon House is known for their Pimm’s Cup Cocktails.  Because I’m a girl who likes extra cucumber slices and a good dose of ginger ale, there’s no reason I can’t recreate these at home!  And so it is.

Ein schöner Artikel über einen feinen Sommer-Drink.

The Life and Times of David Chen: I’m Making a Movie

I’m making a movie this year with Stephen Tobolowsky! Two weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter project together and as of today, it has been fully funded. This thing is happening.

Stephen Tobolowsky macht ja schon eine ganze Weile den tollen Storytelling Podcast The Tobolowsky Files. Jetzt gibt es bald einen Konzertfilm dazu. Schön.


Ein paar Links dazu, wir man R und Twitter miteinander verheiraten kann, LaTeX im Web und Pakete zur Python-Programmierung in SublimeText.

ShareLaTeX is now open-source! – ShareLaTeX Blog

We’re pleased to announce that ShareLaTeX is now open source, and you can grab the code on Github! ShareLaTeX is a web-based real-time collaborative LaTeX editor, and you can now run your own local version where you can host, edit, share and compile your LaTeX documents.

LaTeX gemeinsam im Web editieren. Wie toll ist das bitte?

Beginner’s guide to R: Introduction – Computerworld

Why R? It’s free, open source, powerful and highly extensible. “You have a lot of prepackaged stuff that’s already available, so you’re standing on the shoulders of giants,” Google’s chief economist told The New York Times back in 2009.

Eine sehr gute Einführung in R.

Overlaying boxplots and scatterplots

Blogpost darüber, wie man Boxplots und Scatterplots in R übereinander legt.

Bioconductor – Home

Bioconductor provides tools for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data. Bioconductor uses the R statistical programming language, and is open source and open development.

R OAuth for TwitteR – Mining at UOC

R language through package TwitteR is able to extract information from Twitter for Text Mining purposes. In order to get the connection between R console and Twitter work properly, you will need previously to establish a secure connection with Twitter. In this page you will find a full procedure to set this connection.

Twitter and R

Ein ganzer Haufen Blogposts darüber, wie man R und Twitter miteinander verheiraten kann.

Using the R twitteR package – Musings from a PhD candidate

A short post on using the R twitteR package for text mining and using the R wordcloud package for visualisation.

CRAN – Package twitteR

Provides an interface to the Twitter web API


Common Run an interpreter (REPL) inside SublimeText2 view/tab. Per-language persistent REPL history. Easily evaluate code in the running REPL Replace your current build system, and use stdin in your programs. Rich configuration with platform specific settings, project/file dependent environment variables and sane defaults. Python Launch python in local or remote(1) virtualenv. Quickly run selected script or launch PDB. Use SublimeText2 Python console with history and multiline input.

DamnWidget/anaconda · GitHub

Anaconda is a python development suite that includes autocompletion, IDE features, linting with PyLint or PyFlakes + pep8, AutoPEP8 , Vagrant and more for Sublime Text 3.