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Ausflug Ins Web Vom 01.10.2013 --- Breaking Bad Edition

Breaking Bad ist vorbei. Die heutige Linkliste sammelt die Reviews zum Finale von meinen Liebsten TV-Kritikern. Die meisten lese ich wöchentlich, zum Finale sind sie alle Pflicht.
Die letzten beiden Links sind Podcasts zum Finale. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Tim Goodman: ‘Breaking Bad’ Deconstruction, Ep. 16: ‘Felina’

One of television’s greatest dramas ever goes out on the terms imposed by its creator, Vince Gilligan, and gives closure to a legion of fans who embraced one of the darkest television shows ever created. All hail the finale.

Alan Sepinwall: Series finale review: Breaking Bad – Felina: Its all over now, baby blue

“Breaking Bad” has come to an end. A review of the series finale coming up just as soon as I compare pizza to Thai food…

Emily Nussbaum: How the Breaking Bad Finale Fell Short : The New Yorker

The closure-happy “BREAKING BAD” finale

Todd VanDerWerff: In the final ‘Breaking Bad’ ever, Walter tries to set right what went wrong in Albuquerque – latimes.com

‘Breaking Bad’ recap: None of this had to happen

Jaimie Weinman: Breaking Bad finale: Some thoughts on ambiguity – TV Guidance – Macleans.ca

ft podcast episode: breaking bad: 5×16 ‘felina’ | fuzzy typewriter

Podcast: Blood, meth and tears.

The Ones Who Knock S5E16 – Felina | /Film

Podcast: Joanna and Dave discuss the series finale of Breaking Bad, ”Felina.”