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Ausflug Ins Web Vom 23.09.2013

Joy the Baker – On Brown Butter

Now… Brown Butter (which I indiscriminately call Browned Butter sometimes) is this:  butter that is melted in a small pan over low heat until the butterfat and milk solids separate and the milk solids sink to the bottom of the pan and begin to brown to a nutty color, flavor, and fragrance, at which point the butter (brown bits and all) are transferred to a small bow, honored, appreciated, and then stirred into batter.

Dexter’s Terrible Final Season and How Breaking Bad Ruined the Series – Hollywood Prospectus Blog – Grantland

Dexter did most of this to itself. Its fifth, sixth, and eighth seasons are frequently and stunningly incompetent, and its seventh season wastes a promising beginning in favor of the same old, same old. Yet it’s not hard to look back at the end of that second season and wonder just what went wrong. Now, that disappointing season finale looks like a harbinger of things to come, an early warning sign that nothing on the show would be taken seriously and consequences were unlikely to arise.

Todd VanDerWerff hat mal wieder einen sehr treffenden Artikel geschrieben. Kann ich so unterschreiben.

70Decibels – Generational – 052 – Rob Trew and Brett Terpstra Talk Code [FIXED]

With Erik on vacation, Gabe chats with Rob Trew and Brett Terpstra about writing code. They talk about how they got started, why they code, and their favorite tools.

Be sure to listen in after the closing music for a special post-show continuation of the discussion.

Eine der besten Podcastepisoden dieses Jahr. Über das Coden und wie man damit anfängt.

The Best Bike Lock | The Sweethome

Der ausführlichste Test zu Fahrradschlössern, den ich je gelesen habe. Aber ich lese auch nicht viel über Fahrradschlösser.

Python API

pycrumbs/pycrumbs.md at master · kirang89/pycrumbs

Stylify Me – Online Style Guide Generator

Medienradio | Philip Banse spricht mit Gästen über Medien und das Internet.

Philip Banse spricht mit dem Datenjournalisten über die erste Nacht mit der brisanten Festplatte, große Fehler und erstaunliche Erkenntnisse. Mondial berichtet ausführlich darüber, mit welchen Werkzeugen und Methoden er die 260 GB Daten gesichtet, sortiert und nach Geschichten durchsucht hat. Wie wurden Journalisten und Medien ausgewählt? Warum tauchen in den Daten so wenig Promis und internationale Konzerne auf?

Unbedingte Hörempfehlung.

How I Make Aeropress Coffee (unabridged) | Technology Notes

What follows is extremely fiddly, overly-detailed and excessively described because questions inevitably arise when small details are omitted. If the length of this post ends up making me look deranged, apologies in advance. I do sweat the small stuff and that is about to become painfully apparent to each of you.

25th Hour | Reverse Shot

Ein toller Text über einen meiner absoluten Lieblingsfilme.