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Ausflug Ins Web Vom 01.08.2013

70Decibels – Generational – 041 – The death and life of RSS with Alex Kessinger

Wer noch nicht genug über RSS gelesen oder gehört hat, kann hier einen netten Podcast dazu hören.

reveal.js – The HTML Presentation Framework

Präsentationen im Browser per Markdown erstellen. Impressive.

A Biochemical Storm in a Teacup

life of a stranger who stole my phone:

Dud of the Week: Only God Forgives reviewed by Armond White for CityArts – New York Film Critics Circle – NYFCC

Ryan Gosling plays DiCaprio to Nicolas Winding Refn’s Scorsese–acting out an adolescent idea of manliness in Drive and now Only God Forgives. But sulky Gosling lacks DiCaprio’s hammy brio just as Refn lacks Scorsese’s flamboyance, so he mopes and broods; practicing a weak swagger amidst Refn’s brutal, grotesque, nihilistic stagings


Three color schemes inspired by Wes Anderson’s movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Moone Boy: TV Review – The Hollywood Reporter

Tim Goodman findet alle richtigen Worte. Da kann ich mir jedes weitere sparen. Nur so viel: Schaut euch Moone Boy an.

One of the most charming series on television — or, in this case, Hulu — is Moone Boy, a delightfully funny, upbeat and touching series from Ireland. It’s a show you watch and immediately wish was on a network (which it could be, if you trimmed a bit of the swearing and, you know, didn’t set it in Ireland).

Storming the Ivory Tower: The Visual Intelligence of Pacific Rim

I want to talk about Pacific Rim, and why it is not, as I’ve seen a frustrating number of commentators claim, a “dumb” movie, or a movie that “knows that it’s dumb,” or anything like that, but first I want to talk about my girlfriend…

Why does salt make (almost) everything taste better?

a few grains of salt doesn’t just make food salty; it seems to make some sweet fruits sweeter, mask unpleasant bitter tastes, and well, just make everything taste better. > In this post, we look at some of the recent research about salt to discover how this magical mineral accomplishes its flavor feats.

30 of the best cocktails invented since 2000 from issue 117 of CLASS Magazine at diffordsguide