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76 Guest Stars Of “The Good Wife” Ranked In Order Of Excellence

(via @The_Smoking_GNU)

JavaScript Regular Expression Enlightenment – Tech.Pro

Two types of developers will benefit from a reading of this tutorial. The first is the intermediate JavaScript developer who has not found the right resource for learning regular expressions and, thus, has put off a thorough understanding of the details. The second is an intermediate programmer looking to get a handle on the JavaScript regular expression parser, what is supported by the parser, and what methods and properties JavaScript provides for working with regular expressions.

WGA 101 Best Written TV Series

Diskussionswürdig, aber liefert gute Anhaltspunkte, wenn man grad nicht weiß, was man schauen sollte.

How to Find the Craft Cocktail Recipes You Really Want | Craft Cocktails at Home

So you have a few bottles and you’re thinking about buying a few more so you can mix a larger variety of cocktails at home. Before you do anything else, figure out what you like so you don’t waste money on bottles you’ll never use.

My RSS failure – All this

This is just fucking brilliant. Dr. Drang scheitert an RSS auf glorreiche Art und Weise.