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The Great Hirnrekorder TV Awards of 2012

The year comes to an end which means it is award season. So. With no further ado, drumroll please…

I present the highly anticipated, highly objective, totally honest and massively awesome hirnrekorder TV awards of 2012.

Best mother/son relationship: Malory and Sterling Archer – Archer

Best Father/Son relationship: Walter and Walter Jr. White – Breaking Bad

Best male/female friendship with no sexual tension whatsoever: Tie between Peggie/Don – Mad Men / Leslie/Ron – Parks’n’Rec

Best self-important small town: Parks and Recreation

Best breakfast food: WE HAVE A TIE EVERYBODY!!1! Parks’n’Rec / Breaking Bad

Best cocktails: Archer

Best dinner: The one with Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey

Best tea: The one at 4 o’clock Downton Abbey

Best burger: The one with the pun – Bobs Burgers

Best chase scene: The one with Dana and the boyfriend in the car – Homeland

Best gun fight: Every single one – Archer

Best abs: Oliver Queen – Arrow

Best breasts: Lana – Archer (close runner up: Jessica Brody – Homeland)

Best sex scene: Hannah and Adam – Girls

Best alien: Falling Skies (I guess)

Best humans looking like aliens: The Observers – Fringe

Best horrible person: The horrible brother with the filthy beard – The League

Best crazy person: Walter Bishop – Fringe

Best parents: The Whites – Breaking Bad

Best hero: A Tie between Raylan Givens – Justified and Leslie Knope – Parks’n’Rec

Best villain: Malcolm Tucker – The Thick of It

Best woman: Peggy Olsen – Mad Men

Best man: Louie – Louie

Best child: Louies girls – Louie

Best supporting cast: Every judge – The Good Wife

Best cursing: Malcolm Tucker – The Thick of It

Best name of a character: Turo Escalante – Luck

Best performance of a man, older than 30 shorter than 5 feet: Peter Dinklage – Game of Trones

Best talking to a horse: Nick Nolte – Luck

Best beard: Saul Berenson – Homeland

Best hair (male): Roger Sterling – Mad Men

Best hair (female): Rayna James (Connie Britton) – Nashville

Best impersonation: Leslie Knope does Tom – Parks’n’Rec

Best depiction of a city: New Orleans – Treme

Best car: Pontiac Aztek – Breaking Bad

Nastiest product placement – Microsoft Surface – Suburgatory

Most conflicted person: Huck – Scandal

Best cheesy editing: Scandal

Best cinematography: Downton Abbey

Best opening: the dogs arse – Downton Abbey

Best confession of love: Deb to Dex – Dexter

Best TV news production: The Newsroom

Best Knight in shining armor: Will McAvoy – The Newsroom

Best music: Treme

Best Disco Dance: Mindy in a disco – The Mindy Project

Best sword fighting: Revolution

Best submarine action sequence: Last Resort

Best screen adaptation of a Wikipedia page: Game of Thrones

Best screwing the viewers: How I Met Your Mother

Biggest disappointment: Homeland

Biggest surprise: We have a tie again. Dexter / The Walking Dead

Best screwing other people: Big Brother

Best singing and dancing: Smash

Most hit and miss: Hit & Miss

Best show alike Friends: Happy Endings

Favourite hate watch show: The Newsroom

Best reference to another show: The one with the Friends reference (OH NO I DIDN’T!) – Happy Endings

Character who should have been killed off long ago: Nicolas Brody – Homeland

Most obvious use of music to elict emotion: Coldplay – Fix You – The Newsroom

Best comedy: Louie

Best drama: Breaking Bad

Best foreign show: Borgen

Totally not getting any awards: 2 Broke Birls