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Sepinwall's Season Finale Review: Homeland - the Choice

Alan Sepinwall bringt das auf den Punkt, was ich (auch in der extrem schwachen zweiten Hälfte dieser Staffel) so an Homeland mag.

In fact, pretty much every emotional response I had to the finale came not from Carrie struggling with her choice, or Brody preparing to say goodbye to his life, but to Saul “The Bear” Berenson. This was, in many ways, Mandy Patinkin’s finest hour (plus) on the show, as he proved over and over that the quieter he gets, the stronger he gets. (He’s like a bearded, Jewish inverse Hulk.) Over and over through the final stretch of “The Choice,” it was the things Saul was doing, saying and reacting to that slayed me, from his paternal disgust with Carrie contemplating a life with Brody to the quiet hope in his voice as he leaves a message for a woman he very much doesn’t want to be dead, to the mixture of joy and grief at hearing that this is what will bring his wife back to him, to the beautiful smile on his face when he sees Carrie Mathison standing in front of him. This is the “Homeland” relationship I am most invested in at this point, and also one that’s built to last, story-wise, in a way that Carrie and Brody never could be. And if the season’s more outlandish plot twists had ultimately hung on what would happen between the two of them rather than the doomed romance, I think I would feel more satisfied with it as a whole.

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