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Commanding Your Text Editor

Nichts ist wichtiger, als sein Arbeitswerkzeug effizient zu beherrschen. Meins ist in erster Linie der Text Editor.

PeepCode, die in erster Linie bezahlte Screencasts für Developer anbieten, haben einen schönen Überblick über die nützlichsten Keyboard Shortcuts zu den wichtigsten Text Editoren zusammengestellt.

The process of writing code is much different from the process of editing code. It’s easy to confuse the two since they both involve mashing buttons on a keyboard while staring at a computer screen.

Vim users know this already. Their editor works in two completely different ways depending on whether they are adding new words to a document or changing existing words.

They also know that there’s more to text editing than moving around with the arrow keys and selecting one letter at a time. But you don’t have to memorize hundreds of commands. I think only these six will handle most of the editing that you’ll do every day.

  • Delete whole words (before and after the cursor)
  • Create a newline and put the cursor there (above or below)
  • Search in a file
  • Switch files
  • Indent code automatically
  • Use completion

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