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Plain Text Mit nvAlt

Ich habe ja vor einer Weile etwas zu meinem Textfilesystem geschrieben, wie ich meine Texte und Notizen organisiere und in ständigen Zugriff halte.

Michael Schechter von A Better Mess macht es in etwa genauso wie ich (nur dass ich meine Dateien nicht noch tagge), hat das aber etwas ausführlicher aufgeschrieben.

I wanted to offer up a basic starting point for bloggers and web workers who use a Mac and are looking to get started with plain text (if you’re not sure why you might want to do this, start here). This will not be a comprehensive dive into the myriad apps you can use. It will be a focused and targeted approach for:

  • Storing and Accessing Your Plain Text Files
  • Naming and Tagging Your Files
  • Formatting Your Files For The Web
  • Exporting HTML For The Web
  • Learning A Few Tricks

This may sound like a lot, but these will be brief overviews that give you just enough to get you started, while offering everything you would ever really need. For those looking for power user tricks, I will also be linking to more comprehensive sections on naming and formatting files.

Plain Text Primer: nvALT 101