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10 Year Anniversary of the Wire - the Makers and Stars

Die Premiere der besten Serie aller Zeiten — The Wire — jährt sich zum zehnten Mal. Dies hat die Maxim zum Anlass genommen, nahezu jeden Darsteller und Macher aus der Serie kurz zu interviewen und die besten Statements zusammenzutragen.

Liest sich gut, sind einige Neuigkeiten dabei und für jeden Fan einfach ein Muss.

Ten years ago this month, The Wire premiered on HBO and… almost nobody cared. The Baltimore saga of cops and dealers, junkies and politicians, poverty and hope, polarized critics, was ignored by the Emmys, constantly struggled for ratings and faced cancellation more than once. But it also inspired a future President, created a bona fide American folk hero, and helped launch the current “Golden Age” of television. Now for the first time ever, the creators, writers, cast and crew recall the making of an American classic.  

In the mid-1980s David Simon, a police reporter for the Baltimore Sun, met Ed Burns, a homicide detective in the midst of a major case involving local drug kingpin and folk hero Melvin Williams. Key evidence in the case was gathered using wiretap surveillance.

David Simon (creator, executive producer, writer): Ed was the lead investigator. It was Melvin’s third and hopefully last arrest, and I was assigned to do a story on who he was and why he kept coming back.

Ed Burns (co–executive producer, writer): It was supposed to be fully confidential, but David had a lot of friends in the police department, especially in Homicide. So he went to the Police Commissioner and asked if he could follow the case. David has a lot of luck with police commissioners.

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