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“Basic Lupine Urology” | Community | TV Club

Wer die aktuelle Community Folge mochte, findet hier einen hervorragenden und detaillierten Writeup dazu. Ich gehöre auch eher zu der Gruppe, die die charakterzentrischen Folgen besser finden, als die mit möglichst vielen loughs per minute. Diese Episode ist aber eine Ausnahme, da diese Law & Order Parodie so perfekt umgesetzt wurde, dass man nichts zu nörgeln findet.

Look: If you’re familiar with the Law & Order franchise, this is all an expertly done goof. The episode nails absolutely everything about the show, from the way that the first person the cops question (Todd) is the guy who seems to have done it—until a last second reversal in the courtroom—to the filming style. I had to rewind the scene where Pierce is conducting some sort of gambling ring in the cafeteria because I was laughing so much at how accurately the show had aped the earlier program’s style. This is the perfect episode for anyone who’s ever spent a rainy Saturday watching episode after episode of the original article on TNT. It even perfectly nails the way that the show delivers its climactic moments just before commercial breaks, like little surges of adrenaline to get you through the messages that follow.

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