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New York Has a Problem

Nachdem Sex and the City die New Yorker Cocktailkultur für lange Zeit versaute, wird endlich kaum noch die pinke Plörre namens Cosmopolitan in den New Yorker Bars geordert. Das wirft aber ein neues Problem auf. Welches ist das definierende Getränk New Yorks?

Unter anderem dieser Frage widmet sich der folgende Artikel.

And introducing the cosmo introduced bars introduced restaurants introduced galleries &c., and so booze made it possible for Sex and the City to be as much about New York as it was about Carrie’s sex life. When the characters got dull—and the characters got dull—there was always the center of the Universe, the most interesting city in the world, to make them, cocktails in hand, seem engaging again. Rather than cheesecake in the kitchen when things looked bleak, there were cosmopolitans in SoHo. The drink invited the city into the frame.

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